Here at Eagle Eye Technology we build great bespoke systems for our Clients and once those systems are built we don't just walk away.  We help our Clients run these systems and work with them to enhance and tailor the systems to become better than they were originally envisaged.

The one constant in business is that things keep changing.  Therefore you need to ensure that your systems can change to meet your needs.  By using Eagle Eye Technology to build your systems we can be there, standing with you as you face your day to day challenges and we can work with you to update and grow your software system to meet your new challenges.

Sony have been using Eagle Eye Technology to run a global movie download platform for over 5 years and Clear Channel have recently shown their continued commitment to Eagle Eye Technology as a great Technology Partner by contracting with them to develop and run their NFC / QR code Advertising platform.

Build and run Sony Mobile Movie Platform for Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Tablet Z owners

Eagle Eye Technology built and run the world's largest permanent NFC advertising platform for Clear Channel

NFC Platform for Cashless Environments