The following billboards were spotted in Minnesota, highlighting the IMAX® Enhanced Brand and the joint promotion between IMAX® and Sony.

Billboard 1.jpg

As a launch partner Sony ran a promotion where new TV buyers were able to redeem one IMAX® Enhanced movie from Privilege.  The promotion utilises the Sony Privilege platform that EET have been working on with Sony for over 10 years.  The Privilege app is currently available in the Google Play store to download on IMAX® Enhanced-compatible Sony Android TVs in the US.

Privilege 4K.png

The Privilege 4K service offers great Sony 4K movies such as Venom, as well as documentaries in IMAX® Enhanced. IMAX® Enhanced is not a new format but rather a marketing label used to indicate that the content has been mastered in accordance to a set of requirements such as a larger aspect ratio and digital noise reduction.

Billboard 2.jpg

Experience IMAX® enhanced, digitally remastered Sony content with this service.  You can see and hear the difference this immersive cinema quality style brings to your own home, all run through the Privilege 4K platform.