Eagle Eye Technology have been working closely with advertising giants Clear Channel, building a platform that uses Low Energy Bluetooth Beacons to create a UK wide network of locations, ensuring well-known brands can talk to their customers anywhere.

By utilising mobile application partners, these Bluetooth Beacons will deliver location specific advertising to a target audience, the platform also utilises geo-locations to target areas not currently covered by Clear Channel. 

Always ensuring that the customer is in full control, the system can provide simple, targeted messaging to a customer, as well as more complex sequenced messages that tell a story, or even delayed messaging to target entire audiences at a particular time.

Built on the success of the Clear Channel Connect Platform, which has been running in the UK for the last five and a half years, Eagle Eye Technology are very bullish about the potential of the new platform…

“When done correctly and in a timely fashion, targeted advertising can be really useful.  We’ve all had that moment where an advert has appeared on a web site that displays the branded product that you have been looking for (or at the very least interesting enough to click on), but it is still too rare an occurrence.  Now if you can tie that experience to location services when you are out of home, it will open up an entirely new advertising vertical, one that delivers relevant, localised messages to people when they are not at a desk or in front of a TV.  This is what the Clear Channel system offers.” Ed Pippin, CEO of Eagle Eye Technology.

Eagle Eye Technology have built all the backend systems, SDK for mobile application integration, as well as the admin site and reporting functionality for the service.

The service covers the whole of the UK.