London 24th July 2018

InstaDIGITAL®, a leading global VOD and OTT SaaS Company, and VOD365, a top provider of branded TV channels via web, mobile and smart TV, have just announced the launch of the Planet Knowledge UHD app for exclusive use on Samsung Smart TVs. 

Liaising closely with the Samsung TV app team, instaDIGITAL and VOD365 have been working hard to launch one of the first Ultra High Definition (4K) content apps onto the Samsung Smart Hub.

The new Planet Knowledge app utilises the instaSTOREFRONT app for Samsung Smart TVs.  With support for UHD content, adverts that can be tailored to both location and individual users, and utilising the new Samsung Smart Hub Preview bar to alert consumers to new content on the app (without having to open the app), the Planet Knowledge app is a cutting edge Smart TV app wrapped in the tried and tested user interface that consumers are familiar with from the highly successful Planet Knowledge channel, on Freeview.

It is important for us to be in control of our revenue streams and by having our own apps we can manage the advertising that we display, to maximise our returns” said Paul Coster, CEO of VOD365 the company behind Planet Knowledge. “Being on all Samsung TVs that use the Samsung TV Smart Hub is fantastic for us and instaDIGITAL have been instrumental in getting us there, taking our designs and 4K content and building a robust and intuitive TV app which our viewers love.  This is just the start of things to come for VOD365 and Planet Knowledge.”

InstaDIGITAL are “The OTT and VOD SaaS Company”, offering an off the shelf solution for those looking to expand their current offering to new devices like iOS, Android, Amazon Firestick or Smart TV or those looking to make the leap from linear TV like Freeview to the lucrative and burgeoning world of video streaming.

Utilising over 10 years of building streaming and downloading services and running VOD and OTT services that interact with millions of customers globally, instaDIGITAL helps companies expand into digital revenue generation, without the usual overheads or uncertainty associated with such a move.

The instaDIGITAL platform is the perfect platform for anyone wanting to reach more customers and increase revenues across the latest platforms said Ed Pippin, CEO of instaDIGITAL. “Taking proven technology, we make it easy for companies to sign up and setup their service.  You do not need to build a platform and form a huge technical team behind you the way that Netflix or Amazon have.  We have already created your platform, now all you need to do is start using it!” 

The instaDIGITAL Platform also runs the backend of the Planet Knowledge interactive channel on Freeview.

The Planet Knowledge UHD application is available now for download on the Samsung Smart TV App Store.

About instaDIGITAL
InstaDIGITAL (the OTT and VOD SaaS Company) runs video services for companies globally.  With their proven platform and easy to use system you can set up video services on iOS, Android, PC Web and Mac and Smart TV in a matter of days and entertain and delight customers anywhere.

InstaDIGITAL is a trading name of Eagle Eye Technology Limited, who have been building and delivering digital content solutions globally for over 10 years.  Contact or phone +441483452626 for more information about instaDIGITAL products.

About VOD365    
Video On Demand 365 is capitalising on the growing market for on demand television by developing and delivering our branded Channels available through Smart TV’s, Freeview, Freesat, YouView, Tablets and Smart Phones.

The focus of the business is delivering premium video content to our viewers through the device of their choice – free.

VOD365 hosts a complex eco-system for on demand content via a full end to end distribution solution with integrated ad platforms, direct ad-sales, programmatic through custom branded UI’s. Its channels include Ketchup TV, Planet Knowledge, Sports Channel Network and soon to launch The Gas Station.



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